Types of tourist backpacks

There are a lot of types of tourist backpacks, but we will give the most interesting ones for avid travelers.
If you just like to walk in different cities, then you can get by with an ordinary soft backpack, which will replace your usual bag, purse, etc. Such bags can be made of any material, since they do not carry any load. This one can be leather, fabric, etc. You can carry anything in it that does not have a lot of weight, you can put a laptop, tablet, camera in it, in addition to what is usually in your bag.
Trekking tourist backpacks. Their volume is 35-70 liters. The back is rigid and can be adjusted to suit the person's height. They are suitable for mountain hikes and have comfortable compartments inside and loop for sticks. Trekking means moving through the mountains, hence the name of the backpack. https://thechristiangirl.net/choosing-a-beach-bag/
Ordinary sports backpacks have a capacity of 30-50 liters. Perfect for ordinary walks in the forest, they are smaller in size than tourist ones, although they are similar to them. Used for sportswear, footwear. There are special mounts for all sorts of equipment, pockets, a place for water transfer.
Assault backpacks are not suitable for hiking, as are sports ones. They are used for mountain climbing in order to carry equipment and food. The main part of things, as a rule, remains at the camp site. If you wish, you can go hiking with such a backpack. 
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